Smith & Locke

About us

We are a team of experts with specialists from different areas, all focused on execute projects from diverse industries, together we contribute in years of experience for better decision making in the profitability of the projects we develop.

Our multidisciplinary team values the requirements of our allies to deliver a product of great value. creating an invaluable experience for our customers or end users, this we achieve through a world class methodology, for the fulfillment of objectives in each and every one of the processes during the life cycles of each of the projects we develop, which is empowered in the continuous improvement of both the structuring of businesses and the incorporation of talent to the company, which leads us to a knowledge of local, national and international markets, thus mitigating to a minimum the risks, being a fundamental part for the success of projects, achieving a satisfaction of our business partners, as well as investors, maximizing the profitability of investments.

We build long-term relationships where our foundations are trust, as well as the business values we manifest and transmit in a legacy of patience, honesty, transparency, loyalty, according to the commitments made with our business partners, for the best performance of projects.

A core of specialists and strategic business alliances with expert companies in their sector, are part of the formula that gives us a great result, achieving a 360° satisfaction in business. We integrate cutting-edge technologies in each of the stages, becoming a true Technology Business 4. 0.

We develop projects that improve the environment of people’s lives, in addition to being a driver of the economy of Mexico and the World where we run our projects, this is our main engine.

Featured Experts


Armando Valdez ángeles

Chief Executive Officer

Armando Valdez is co-founder of Smith & Locke and serves as Executive Director and Investment Consultant, creating innovative financial, operational and legal structures to raise capital and debt for his clients, analyzing and understanding global market data, being an ambassador of sustainability and making use of technology for the growth of returns for all business stakeholders. Prior to forming Smith & Locke in 2016, Armando worked as a consultant and advisor to Family Offices with real estate assets in northern Mexico and southern United States where he implemented financial strategies that maximized project returns.

Armando has extensive experience in the Real Estate and Construction Sector with more than 15 years where he was responsible for the delivery of development projects against scope, budget, schedule and client expectations; focusing on identifying potential problems and proactively finding solutions to address them.

At Smith & Locke as a strategic financial consultant, he has studied more than 100 projects in various economic sectors, resulting in a fine ability to structure well-argued and defined financings with maximum benefits for business owners, but also for select investors for each of them.

With more than 2100 million pesos, about 100 million dollars, in investor proposals for Smith & Locke's client portfolio, Armando has been firmly placed among the investment market as a professional of the necessary diligences to realize successful businesses.

Armando holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León; He also holds Professional Project Management (PMP) Certifications from the Project Management Institute (PMI), as well as Lean Construction certifications. His constant participation in forums, conferences, presentations, courses and discussions with economic, financial, strategic innovation, sustainability, all with a global vision, Armando maximizes his knowledge by always remaining updated, actively applying them in all the projects in which he is involved.


Joanna Mariel Olveda Múzquiz

CFO & Business Development

Mariel Olveda is the founder of Smith & Locke and serves as Business Development Officer and Chief Financial Officer, building relationships with financial institutions, promoting their portfolio of projects with each of them. As a founding partner of Smith & Locke, Mariel brings her professional experience in the areas of Financial Accounting, Treasury, Finance and Administration and Business.

She worked as a consultant and advisor to real estate and construction developers to achieve financial, accounting and administrative improvements. She implemented business strategies by consolidating people and companies to make them affordable to loans, managing to finance projects with high returns and in line with their financial plans. Mariel has extensive knowledge of the financial system, with more than 20 years of professional career.

At Smith & Locke, she has analyzed more than 100 projects in different areas such as real estate, energy, manufacturing, marketing, health and wellness, agribusiness, and more. With all this information not only that received by the clients, but by the research carried out in each of the projects, it allows her to have an efficient quality of analysis to diagnose and issue suitable structures for each entity, with benefits not only for the clients but for the investing public that seeks to maximize its resources at all times.

Mariel has reached a total of 2100 million pesos, about 100 million dollars, in 4 years of operations in Smith & Locke on investor proposals for its client portfolio, positioning itself firmly as a professional company in its way of carrying out the diligences and selections of ideal projects for the investment market.

Mariel has a Master's Degree in Innovation for Business Development from ITESM, Monterrey Campus, with the best academic qualifications, and a bachelor's degree in Public Accounting and Finance from the same institution, graduated with Honorable Mention of Excellence. Interested in always staying update she constantly is a participant in courses, conferences, and talks in the financial, business and all topics that correspond to the projects you study at all times