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Corporate Governance to comply with ASG

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance: Indispensable considerations today to achieve the funding of your project.

ESG Concepts

Currently, investors take these 3 areas into account as an essential topic in the analysis of their investments and they form a very relevant part when studying them together with your financial statements, projections, sales, contracts, etc.

ESG: Enviromental, Social & Governance

It is related to the real activities that you as a company have in terms of:

Environment and your real responsibility with the community;

Social commitment with your environment and real activities that you carry out
Corporate governance; which has to do with the way you manage and make business decisions, where through Committees (groups of experts in each subject, be it accounting, technical specialties, auditing, etc.) that advise and guide you regarding decisions most important aspects of the business, in daily operations, investment plans, business vision, etc.

Having a corporate governance assures investors the perpetuity of your business and international financial institutions today have it as an essential point.

Smith & Locke advises you to officially develop and define these 3 variables in the vision and model of your business so that you are likely to receive the financing you need to grow your business.

Sustainable objectives that you will be able to fulfill with Corporate Governance to comply with ASG

Smith & Locke is committed to the sustainable goals set by the UN.